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    WORDS'WORTH's Vocabulary Verse, A to Z and Back Again -
    A Rhyming Romp Through the Alphabet

    •Word-verses, 52 of them, going up the alphabet and back down.  52 weeks
    in the year.  Hmmmm, this little book could be used as a weekly almanac.  
    Trouble is, bet you can't read just one a week!  (Belle Leddurs)

    •No vacillating here.  The decision is quick and unanimous.  WORDS' WORTH©
    is a great read.  Learning new words or seeing familiar ones, by way of
    light verse, is the ticket.  (A. D. Light)

    •How to describe this book?  How about cockamamie insouciance?  And I'm
    not just bamboozling!  (S. N. Shull)

    •Susan Jones, aka WORDS' WORTH©, has given us a "livre juste" filled with
    mots justes.  (Bob Lew)

    WORDS' WORTH© is a refreshing zephyr, an umbrageous retreat.  (E. Z.

    •Find the nearest tuffet, sit back and enjoy this gallimaufry of delights.  
    (Frank Lee Grayt)

    •Get your quotidian dose of WORDS' WORTH©.  This is one hunky-dory little
    tome.  (A. Mused)

    •I especially enjoyed the quotations from literature that describe words in
    general and that show the featured word in context.  (Wanda Full)

    •Susan Jones, aka WORDS’WORTH, has produced a gem, a literary flourish
    (flounce, furbelow). She has“let flie,” with delightful and amusing results.     
    (Eddy Torreal)

    •No need for susurrus here. This is a book worth shouting about. (A. Djem)

    •Fun, instructive, highly amusing, intelligent, and nicely presented. Oh, and I
    loved the word selections and verses, too.     (Shirley Fein)

    •A thoroughly enjoyable walk through the alphabet.     (X. M. Plurry)

    Examples of words "versified" in the book.
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