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Enjoy an excursion with WORDS'WORTH.

Take a trip along the alphabet with WORDS'WORTH.

Along the way, meet a few new words and revisit others.

And best, see all of them in a totally new light.
Enjoy the scenic quotations that highlight and further define and enhance the words.

Then the main attractions - (see them coming 'round the curves?) -
are the vocabulary "Burma-Shaves," - the
verses that feature the words.

~~ great for a last bedtime read ~~
wonderful for sharing at family read-alouds ~~
fantastic performance fodder for talent shows ~~
excellent teaching material ~~
just plain fun! ~~

Combine Ogden Nash and Noah Webster and add a dash of John Bartlett, and you have . . .

For Better and for Verse: An Omnium-Gatherum of Words at Play

This new book from Susan Jones is an engaging, amusing, entertaining, and educational
collection of “vocabulary verse.”
Q.  What is vocabulary verse?
A.  It is verse with a purpose,
and that purpose is to have fun with words and language.
Its purpose is to present words in the context of light verse –
to let the verses highlight and celebrate, and sometimes even define the words.
Its purpose is to engage, amuse, entertain and educate.
Each word is accompanied by pronunciation, definition, comments on its origin,
relevant uses of the word in context from quotations and literature.
Best of all is an original verse lovingly and humorously created by author
Susan Jones (aka Words’Worth).