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    About Whimsy Publishing

    We are a very small independent publisher with a very specific mission in life:  
    to publish Vocabulary Verse - the unique verse of WORDS'WORTH© the pen
    name and alter-ego of Susan Jones.
    We are driven by our love of
    •quotations, and (of course)
    We're proud to release our newest offering:  
    For Better and for Verse : An Omnium-Gatherum of Words at Play

    Our first book - WORDS'WORTH'S Vocabulary Verse A to Z and Back Again is, of
    course, still available.  
    •If you love words you will love this book!

    •This book is a great pleasure to read.

    •The best part of this delightful book is Jones's fifty-two lyrical
    verses. They're filled with variety, verve, and vivacity.

    •This is the greatest book ever! I've purchased many copies, yet I
    keep buying more to give to all my friends and family who love
    vocabulary, poetry, and just plain learning.

    •Buy this book, read it, enjoy it, you will be glad you did.

    •This is a delightful read for people of any age.

    •My teacher-friends are especially fond of the book and are trying to
    memorize a word a week to share with their students.

    •Susan Jones's poems are very clever and delightful, reminding me
    of Ogden Nash.  I highly recommend this book for anyone in 6th
    grade or older.

    •An excellent collection and very highly recommended.

    •A must for anyone who likes words.

    •… beyond a breath of fresh air.

    •With its many variations, this truly is a romp through the English
    language. Susan’s creative approach prompts a desire to play with
    words more than ever. Original!  Enjoyable!

    •Susan Jones did a great job with this book.  Anyone who enjoys
    word “study” will appreciate this book.  The great thing is that the
    author makes it so much fun!

    •I found Words’Worth’s Vocabulary Verse by Susan Jones just a
    pure delight.  I …  traveling with my husband, and I was constanty
    saying “Listen to this …”

    •Susan Jones has provided a literary double-play.  Her book is
    entertaining and educational in equal parts.

    Member, Independent Book Publishers Association
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